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My story actually refers to events that occurred last summer. I had just changed jobs and worked for a company based in Manchester. These guys really wanted my experience, but I was not ready to move from Bristol, as my social life is based here. It was agreed then that I work from home most of the week and only travel to Manchester on Wednesday to see my boss. Working from home has a little time after you use the office. But after a few weeks ago, I was very busy and enjoy the freedom it offered. After forhertube that I meant WLAN my laptop in the garden if it was a hot sunny day forhertube - great One day I was sitting at the table (under a big umbrella ) to write a report. I have a small garden nice, but is completely closed for six strips near the foot, as I want my privacy. I would get drinking stopped for a while and when I returned, I learned strike outside an exterior door next door. That was a bit strange, sinceknew that the couple lived, which was usually at work during the day - I knew that Sue often at home for an hour at lunchtime, when his office was only a 5 forhertube minute drive. I thought nothing of it, especially when I heard the line moving - Sue had apparently hanging clothes again. Ten minutes later, I went upstairs to change my shorts - it was a day for baking. I looked out the window and saw that Sue sit in the garden, eating a sandwich and a cup of tea. She was in her work clothes, but had left his shirt halfway unbutoned the sun trapped in the chest. Her large breasts are contained in a white lace bra, but could clearly see the outline of her nipples. The skirt was also created so that their legs could take the sun to draw. I started to get active! Sue has nearly 45 years and two forhertube teenage sons, both in college. It's pretty simple and great body, but two or three pounds has diminished recently. I had noticedseemed quite reasonable for a couple of weeks ago - he had bought new clothes to celebrate her new slim figure. I suspect that probably a size 14/16. Meanwhile, my cock was rock hard - I was standing on the landing and looked out the side window. Sue would not have been possible, I have seen. I have my cock throbbing in my boxers (and in pots with my shorts ) and began to give me a good straw - forhertube in no time at all I found myself in a handkerchief. A good way to break in the day! Back to work I think - when forhertube Sue was cleaning my semen had gone. The next day was even cooking - and again I was working in the garden. Sue went for lunch and sat in forhertube the garden to eat their lunch. He had brought a beach on the carpet of grass and lying on her stomach reading a newspaper. The skirt was until the sun for the back forhertube of the legs removed. I decided to take a quick look through the hole in the fence between the houses of change. I have a great view! Bet I could seebetween the legs and could see the white fabric of her panties. I was hard again and again! Sue and then the forhertube sun's face and lifted her knees and spread her legs a little. The view was even better! Then he rose and walked to a chair on the terrace. She opened her blouse chest Sun, Today it's even opened her bra and published most of her breasts, I was so fucking hot for now I had to get away from the fence when the phone rang - my boss told me to destroy a joy, although he does not know, of course it was ! When finished talking, I went to the fence - Sue was back on the carpet again this time. To my great surprise, she had removed her panties and was gently fingers her pussy wet - they did it discreetly under her skirt. Pre-cum leaking from my penis and now it was hot as hell. Sod this I thought, and I leave, and offer my services. I quickly locked my house and went next door. The side door was open, so I walked around the forhertube ga. land Sue was obviously still fucking away and looked forhertube very nervous. He closed his eyes and got on it and tried to stay calm. After a few minutes, forhertube I said ' I can give one side of Sue ? ' - She smiled a jump, but then I thought you'd never ask his response was -. It turned out that she really believed me and was always more courage and more in the hope that I find interesting about her is her husband is not. interested in more than one every two weeks Quicky - Sue was much more interested in sex than the We kissed passionately in the garden - I can use my fingers to touch her ​​pussy - it was absorbing took his hand.. inside to find a bed in which he dressed quickly and my erection grew out of my mouth, it was immediately Boxer Sue was so excited that she -.. I deep throat like no tomorrow then I went to his musky pussy. - I licked her thighs and her juices tasted wonderful. God, who loved me, gave fantastic climax lick their clitty and a finger in the ass and her pussy fucked two. then moved me even more. I wanted to fuck her old cunt so bad - after all they had enough to allow him to give a good damn view recovered. I pumped her wet pussy in about 15 minutes before she returned, followed shortly by me. I allowed my cum all over her beautiful face to shoot. Dried them with her ​​fingers and swallowed every last drop. Then had to clean up quickly, because they had to return to work. A passionate kiss indicates that this is not the last time I enjoyed the body of another being. The rest of the summer was great - we took two or three times a week. I took her anal virginity forhertube and my friend brought me when he wanted a threesome. It ended when her husband changed jobs and moved to Northampton. Northampton I had about a month ago to go to work - I called Sue to sleep and had a very passionate couple of hours in my hotel room! and a quickie in the swimming pool changing rooms Only one man forhertube has moved in next door -what a disappointment, since I'm pretty straightforward, it is!
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